Still running… eventually (marathon update)

So an update on the whole marathon malarkey…

I was scheduled to run the Cox Providence Rhode Race marathon on May 4, 2014, while raising money forStop It Now!. Sadly, I’ve been forced to cancel my participation in that event due to injury. After two abandoned ‘long runs’ in successive weekends, I sought medical advice from my new doctor at Tufts who, along with a senior colleague, suggested a likely combination of iliotibial band syndrome and tendinitis in my left knee would seriously limit my ability to complete the race should I attempt it.

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Keep on running…

I have signed up to run the 2014 Cox Providence Rhode Race marathon next May. I am hoping to use this opportunity to raise money for the ‘Stop It Now!’ organization.

Running a marathon has always, begrudgingly, been a ‘bucket list’ item for me. I used to run as a school kid, won a couple of school cross-country races, and did reasonably well in a few hometown-area races. I also, begrudgingly, ran a half-marathon in Brighton, England in 2009 and did alright with 1hr 51m. I realize that being 32 years old now, and seeing my ability (and motivation!) for distance-running and the training required fading FAST, it’s time to knuckle-down and man-up!

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