SAAM 2013(?): Remembering last year’s efforts

Last year I was at Penn State for Sexual Abuse Awareness Month. We were 6-months removed from the success of our inaugural Conference on Child Maltreatment and Well-Being and thought it might be a nice idea to re-engage with the delegates, given the time of year! So I developed some rudimentary Ted-Ed lesson ‘flips’, based on the videos of the speakers. Sadly, very (very) few of those we sent the links to actually used them. Still, they may have some interest to others interested in child maltreatment and sexual victimization – and are just a neat little way to pass the time while you’re watching the fantastic line-up of speakers. Below is my original post on my Penn State blog with the links to all of the Ted-Ed classes! Feel free to browse! Get educated for SAAM!
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SAAM 2014: Talking prevention models and male victimization

April is the NSVRC’s Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM). During this time, many student organizations who devote their extra-curricular time to advocate on this issue plan and host a series of events related to the prevention of sexual violence. It was no different at UMass Lowell, where I’m currently based, as it was at my previous institution. I love working with student organizations – often where you can find the most able, motivated, and ambitious students – and always make time to offer my assistance during SAAM.

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