Going ‘Prezi’ at this year’s conferences

This year I’ve switched to the impressive Prezi tool for my presentations during conference season. I’m not sure if I’m quite unleashing it’s full power and potential, but I’ve worked in a couple of hacks that have suited my needs, and these have been the results.

ATSA Conference 2012

I chaired a symposium on recent developments in research with online sex offenders at this year’s ATSA Conference. My role here was to provide some context and theoretical insights, before my esteemed colleagues discussed their new data. This became, essentially, my musings on the topic.

I used post-it notes on the back of my office door to map out my thoughts. Then I wondered, “Well, couldn’t I just take a photo of the back of my door and use Prezi frames to zoom in on each note?” Turns out you can do exactly that.


(As far as I’m aware) the first office door presented at the ATSA Annual Conference.

Here’s a link to the Prezi.

ASC Conference 2012

I was speaking in a symposium on the role of community support on offender reintegration at the ASC Conference. I was presenting the findings of our Penn State Justice Center National Institute of Justice-sponsored evaluability study into the Circles of Support and Accountability program.

My thinking here was that funding agencies are keen to know how you plan to disseminate your findings, and finding innovative (and time-effective) ways to do that is a key to project success. So for ASC I found a way to triple my deliverables in one go. I created a poster-sized powerpoint slide and used it to create a contemporary-looking infographic – making sure that each section was approximately in 4:3 aspect ratio. I then saved the slide as both a PPTX file and a PNG image file. I then uploaded the PNG image to Prezi and added some 4:3-sized frames. Viola, I have a poster, an infographic, and a presentation. Three birds, one stone.

Here’s a link to the Prezi.

Here’s the infographic:

Elliott Zajac Meyer CoSA 2012

So, again, I’m not sure if I’m doing Prezi ‘right’ – but these have certainly worked for me. The latter, allowing me to quickly develop two products at the same time, is definitely something I’ll be doing again in the future.

Now where can I find some of those trendy infographic typefaces…?