Keep on running…

I have signed up to run the 2014 Cox Providence Rhode Race marathon next May. I am hoping to use this opportunity to raise money for the ‘Stop It Now!’ organization.

Running a marathon has always, begrudgingly, been a ‘bucket list’ item for me. I used to run as a school kid, won a couple of school cross-country races, and did reasonably well in a few hometown-area races. I also, begrudgingly, ran a half-marathon in Brighton, England in 2009 and did alright with 1hr 51m. I realize that being 32 years old now, and seeing my ability (and motivation!) for distance-running and the training required fading FAST, it’s time to knuckle-down and man-up!

So, I need some motivation – and what better way to stay disciplined and stick to the training than to create some good ol’ accountability! Thus, I want to use the opportunity to raise some money for an amazing cause. The cause I have chosen is Stop It Now!, an organization dedicated to the prevention of sexual violence perpetrated against children. I used to work for the wonderful Lucy Faithfull Foundation back in England, who ran the sister Stop It Now! UK and Ireland campaign and thus I know how important the work that they do is and am aware of the drive and enthusiasm with which they do that work. Obviously, being a psychologist in that field, it also made a lot of sense! It truly is a wonderful cause and your donation will genuinely make a difference in children’s lives.

So please, I urge people to make a donation, any donation they can, to Stop It Now! via their donations page and under the box headed ‘I want my donation to be dedicated:’ please include the message ‘Ian Elliott – Rhode Race 2014’. Donations are made via the trusted ‘Network for Good’ system. If you have any problems donating please do email me and let me know. Even if you dislike me and think I’m a tool, you should still donate!: the more you donate the better I have to do = more training I need to put in = the greater the physical and emotional pain!

Repping the Stop It Now! brand out of the streets of Boston!

Me ‘repping’ the Stop It Now! brand!

So, I’d better go get on with it! I’ve done 6 miles so far this first week of training – with 6 more to go this Sunday (11/17). I will be tweeting updates on my training and progress. I’ll also be shamelessly plugging Stop It Now! and trying to rope in other organizations for donations and/or awareness.

Cheers all!


(More pictures to follow!)